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There are 6 Areas in Caveblazers:

Name Description Relic Image
Caves Dark, dingy and full of vile creatures who have

made it their home.

At this depth, the cave seems similar to any

other cave. You must delve deeper to discover

the mysteries within.

Arrowhead Relic Caves.png
Ancient Temple The ruins of an ancient civilization deep


The temple is still inhabited, but doesn't have

the same air of sophistication that it once held.

Paragon Relic Ancient Temple.png
Forsaken Jungle The Forsaken Jungle boasts a vast array of

plant life.

Its twisted trails lead you through the jungle

only to discover yet more vile creatures

lurking in the depths.

Twilight Relic Forsaken Jungle.png
Fungal Grotto Dark and damp conditions at this depth

provide perfect conditions for glowing

mushrooms to flourish.

The threatening creatures of the Fungal

Grotto will defend their dwelling against any


Blackjack Relic Fungal Grotto.png
Magma Core Pools of lava fill the caves at this depth.

These hellish conditions are almost unbearable

for humans, yet somehow creatures even

more threatening than before have managed

to inhabit this perilous land.

Oblivion Relic Magma Core.png
TBA TBA Image Needed.

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