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There are 10 bosses in the game Caveblazers

Name Description Attacks Image
Felfang A monstrous arachnid born with four legs

instead of the usual eight.

Felfang has grown to an enormous size and

leads a large colony of arachnids. She uses

poison bombs and sharp legs to overcome her opponents.

Vulnerable to attacks while charging her beam

Poison Bomb: The spider spits 4 bombs near it. Upon impact, the bomb explodes.

It leaves a poisonous cloud after explosion that deals no damage but does inflict the poison debuff.

Lazer Beam: Felfang jumps and lands at a random position near to the centre of the boss chamber.

Then the spider charges a laser for a short period of time, then fires a laser beam at the player.

If Felfang is damaged enough while the lazer is charging, it will fail to fire and the spider will become temporarily stunned.

Stab: The spider stabs at a player or a friendly character. Felfang will only use this attack if the target is standing in-between its legs.

Medusa Moonjellies never stop growing throughout

their lifetime. Medusa has grown to an

enormous size and now lives out her days in

hiding protecting her young. She exhibits

powerful lightning attacks and will do just

about anything to protect her little bambino moonjellies.

She leaves herself vulnerable to attacks after

missing her slam attack.

Lightning: Creates lightning pillars across the area.

Slam: Chases above the player and lands to grab and "eat" the player dealing damage similar to fire or poison.

If she misses, she will pause momentarily and be vulnerable to an attack. Dealing damage will cause her to flail about in the air.

If she takes more damage during this state, she will fall to the ground, stunned and vulnerable for more attacks.

Projectile Orbs: Shoots 360 degrees around itself, each dealing 10 damage.

Azguard A hellish demonic beast who uses thick

shielding to protect his vulnerable flesh.

Azguard conjures magical bolts to propel

towards his foes.

Vulnerable to melee attacks, and leaves

himself open to attacks after his slam attack.

Glowing Orbs: Fires 6 projectiles at the player one after another.

Slam: Falls to the ground and creates a shockwave.

Bombing Run: Flies towards either left or right end and shoots exploding

projectile towards the floor.

Goliath Half construct and half organic, Goliath is a

relentless beast protected in party by its blocky

stone components

Goliath's fists can be clambered on in order to

rise high enough to reach his vulnerable eye.

Fists: Goliath's fists will shake and fire towards the player dealing damage on impact.

The fists' speed will increase when Goliath is recovering after being stunned.

Chrono'boid Chrono'boid is an autonomous construct built

using ancient technologies wich have long

since been forgotten.

The automation has extremely resilient outer

plating which blocks just about anything.

The core is the only vulnerable element, and

can only be attacked during 2 phases of its

cycle - when it is red or purple.

Lightning Zap: Fires straight lightning bolts in 8 directions.

Burning Projectiles: Fires one projectile after aiming causing burn if hit.

This attack is repeated about six times in rapid succession.

Fire Bombs: Throws small fire bombs that explode on contact or hitting the ground. Causing burn if hit.

Mines: Throws large firebombs in the air that explode on contact but remain on the ground for a while before exploding.

Purple Gas: Creates chasing purple gas deaing damage.

Grubbington Grubbington, king of the tiki grubs, has a

powerful drill-like apparatus at his front end

which allows him to quickly borrow through

the ground and burst out with great force.

He has hard, crusty skin which formes a

protective barrier. The skin can be broken,

revealing the vulnerable innards.

Drill: Drills up to the player from below or the side.

Shoot: When Grubbington stops moving partway out of the ground,

it emits projectiles from each visible body segment.

Iron Face Iron Face is anchored in place, and relies on

shielding constucts for defense and offense.

The iron mask is necessary for survival, as

underneath lies a discusting, pulsating, fleshy

mess of purple innards which are vulnerable to

just about everything.

Even after death, the shields will live on and

seek vengeance on those responsible.

Magic Projectile: While the constructs circle around Iron Face, they will shoot projectiles occasionally

Laser: Every so often, one or two of his constructs will fire a continuous laser while spinning with increased speed

Separated Construct: After certain intervals, one of Iron Face's constructs will pop off and chase you while firing projectiles. Once some of his constructs are gone, they will all be respawned around him.

Constructs Revenge: When Iron Face dies, his remaining constructs will all pop off and attempt to kill you with projectiles. Once they are all dead, the fight will truly end.

Deathrig A powerful mystic wraith who can phase through walls and summon fleshy underlings to assist.

He is weak to attacks from above during his downward attack.

Deathrig cycles between three phases - one of two magical attacks, a downward attack, and then phasing out of the arena and summoning minions. Additionally, the upper walls of the arena are covered in dangerous magic that will damage and repel you on contact.

One of two magical attacks will always be picked as his first attack, and then he alternates between them when returning after phasing out.

Spiral Bullets: Deathrig fires purple missiles in a spiral pattern. Safe points are immediately beneath him and at 45 degree angles.

Homing Orbs: Deathrig fires 4 shorts similar to the Bohlt blessing, which home quickly on the player after a short delay

Downward Attack: Deathrig will descend and chase the playerhorizontally for a few seconds, after which it will vomit a purple blast that cannot be run beneath. By jumping off the wall and downward stabbing, Deathrig becomes vulnerable for a few hits before phasing out.

Phase Out: Deathrig becomes immune to damage and falls through the bottom of the arena while summoning 4-7 hovering red orbs that move slowly and fire shots at the player. Deathrig returns when all orbs are destroyed or after a long delay and repeats the cycle.

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The Overlord Xander Vane. A man whom they say has lived a thousand years. Now going by 'The Overlord', he has taken to kidnapping women in the hopes of producing a son to continue his evil legacy.

The magic behind his extended life is a mystery, but one thing's for sure: the years have not been good to him. His shriveled skin looks like it has never seen sunlight, and he wears a mask to cover up his decrepit face.

The Overlord is the first 2 stages of the 4-stage final boss fight.

First Stage: The Overlord fights with a similar style as the player. Jumping, swinging a sword, and occasionally using a magic item to shoot lightning.

Second Stage: This stage is the same as the first except that he will occasionally float into the air with a force field and shoot lots of purple magic at you.

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Dominae What is thought to be the skull of an old demigod is now home to a cluster of giant bloodsucking worms who feed on those attempting to pass by.

These worms can whithstand a lot of punishment, but can be quickly disposed of by hitting them while they are focusing, as they turn from blood red to a vomit-inducing yellow.

TBA [image needed]
Eye of Israphel All that remains of the Dark Lord after years of terrorizing the world. Israphel was assumed dead after the catastrophic events that happend a thousand years prior, yet has managed to live on in the Shrouded Land.

The smaller eyes surrounding the Eye of Israphel form a protective barrier, but become vulnerable to attck after their beam attack.

Israphel is the 4th and last stage of the final boss fight, and is a reference to the main antagonist of the publisher's (YogsCast) most renowned Minecraft series, Shadow of Israphel.

Summon Orbs: summons roughly half a dozen stationary red orbs that fire shots at the player, similar to Deathrig.

Beam Attack: 4 eyes glow and then fire a heavily damaging laser while rotating rapidly, similar to the Iron Face attack. After the beam finishes, one eye will being flashing and become vulnerable. Firing at this orbiting eye will expose the central eye and allow you to do more damage for several seconds, while it shoots a weaker spreadfire attack. The Icarus Feather you receive at the beginning of this fight is crucial for avoiding this attack - don't leave it behind.

Lava: the bottom of the arena is covered in lava. Try to avoid jumping in.

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