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Monsters are the main threat in the world of Caveblazers, there are 26 unique enemies.

Name Stats Description Image
Slime Type: Ooze

Move: Jumping

Speed: Slow

Health Points: 10

Damage: 9-11

These simple-minded creatures are very

common in caves throughout the world, and

are rarely seen above ground. They are

primarily scavengers, but will also attack

nearby threats.

Green Slime.png
Large Slime Type: Ooze

Move: Jumping

Speed: Slow

Health Points: 60

Damage: 19-21

These larger, more mature slimes are much

tougher to deal with. They are often seen

carrying a skull of one of their previous victim

- it is though that this is an attempt to strike

fear in to any nearby threats. When slimes

grow to this size, they can be seen to split in

half, creating two separate-thinking creatures.

Giant Slime.png
Fire Slime Type:Ooze

Move: Jumping

Speed: Slow

Health Points: 20

Damage: 4-6

Causes burning on touch.

Slimes will eat just about anything they come

across. These particular slimes have been

eating something especially fiery in the caves,

and have resultantly ended up being especially

fiery themselves.

Fire Slime.png
Poison Slime Type: Ooze

Move: Jumping

Speed: Slow

Health Points: 60

Damage: 14-16

Fires poison projectiles and causes poison on touch.

These dangerous creatures will poison you on

hit, and also have a habit of tossing poisonous

goop your way.

Poison Slime.png
Bat Type: Beast

Move: Flying

Speed: Medium

Health Points: 8

Damage: 9-11

Bats pose little threat on their own, but can be

dangerous in groups or while amoungst other


Jumper Type: Beast

Move: Jumping

Speed: Medium, Fast (Attacking)

Health Points: 15

Damage: 9-11

These hotheaded monsters are just angry with

the world and everyone in it. They are more

than happy to end their own lives in order to

cause suffering to others. These creatures

have many names throughout the world:

Todgers, Chubbers, Yoghurt Slingers, Porkers,

Dongers, and many more! Perhaps their anger

with the world is linked to the fact that they

have so many derogatory nicknames.

Hobgoblin Type: Humanoid

Move: Ground

Speed: Slow

Health Points: 35

Damage: 9-11

Hobgoblins are renouned for their stupidity, but

these mischiveous little creatures are often

very skilled in crafting. They wear handcrafted

skull masks to cover up their horrendously

unattractive faces, as well as wristlets and

other jewellery which all indicate their social

standing. Contrary to popular belief,

hobgoblins are actually entirely unrelated to


Warrior Hobgoblin Type: Humanoid

Move: Ground

Speed: Slow

Health Points: 55

Damage: 19-21

Although most hobgoblins are atrocious

warriors, there are a select few which become

known as great champions. They are very

strong, and can take quite a beating, but can

be very easily outsmarted and


Warrior Hobgoblin.png
Kullo Type: Undead

Move: Flying

Speed: Medium (Undetected), Fast (Detected)

Health Points: 25

Damage: 14-16

These creatures are thought to be the remains

of an ancient civilization, living on even after

death. They have a powerful bite and are

usually surrounded by mini kullos which will

attempt to hunt you down if you destroy their


Draze Type: Beast

Move: Flying

Speed: Fast

Health Points: 40

Damage: 1-2

Causes Burning

Drazes are similar to bats in appearance, but

have one major difference - their ability to

breath fire. Their ability to rain an inferno down

upon you is extremely dangerous. You should

try to keep a suitable difference between

yourself and the mouth of a Draze at all cost.

Mushm'n Type: Humanoid

Move: Ground

Speed: Medium

Health Points: 40

Damage: 13-15

Being quite unthreatening on their own,

Mushm'ns tend to stick together in their

squads. They throw sticky mushroom spores to

slow down their targets, then proceed to claw

at the throats and drink the delicious blood

that pours out.

Goblin Type: Humanoid

Move: Ground

Speed: Medium

Health Points: 20

Damage: 9-11

Goblins are short & viciouscreatures

goverened by orcs. Historically, they lived deep

underground and developed massively

oversized ears & giant yellow eyes which aided

their ability to survive in the dark. Nowadays

they are more integrated in to orcish culture

and often live as a minority group in orcish

camps & cities.

Orc Type: Humanoid

Move: Ground

Speed: Medium

Health Points: 30-60

Damage: 9-11

Orcs are large, strong, intelligent creatures

who have been at war with humans for

hundreds of years. They are savage warriors,

with a taste for human flesh who enjoy nothing

more than a good old fashioned raid. Humans

often refer to them as 'pixies' - something

which originated at the start of the war as an

attempt to relieve the aspect of fear from the


Chief Orc Type: Humanoid

Move: Ground

Speed: Medium

Health Points: 80

Damage: 9-11

These orcs are much stronger than the regular

ones, but don't tend to use ranged weapons.

They have a very powerful swipe, so keep

them at range!

Chief Orc.png
Demon Orc Type: Humanoid

Move: Ground

Speed: Fast

Health Points: 80

Damage: 9-11

Orcs sometimes feel the need to make deals

with the devil, resulting in these monstrosities

who are very proficient in combat, but have

absolutely zero personiality.

These guys will block almost anything you

throw at them and need to be attacked from


Demon Orc.png
Pitboy Type: Humanoid

Move: Ground

Speed: Fast

Health Points: 120

Damage: 14-15

Pitboys are group of crazed men living within

the cave, or the 'pit' as they prefer to call it.

They paint their skin various colours to

determine rank within their groups, and often

paint skeletal marking their bodies to

display their loyalty for their God, The


Phantom Type: Undead

Move: Ground

Speed: TBA

Health Points: 50-100

Damage: 10-15

Having being brought in from the spirit world

through the use of a powerful relic, Phantoms

are hostile characters who carry powerful

shadow weapons.

Phantoms resemble who the once were, but there

bodies are gone. They are made up of an

almost-solid, translucent substance that gives off a chilling aura.

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Archfiend Type: Undead

Move: Flying

Speed: Medium

Health Points: 450

Damage: 14-16

Archfiends are powerful phantoms very rarely

seen outside of the spirit world.

The feed on sould of the living, and use their

mouth tenticles to suck the life out of their


Cave Troll Type: Giant

Move: Ground

Speed: Slow

Health Points: 100

Damage: 14-22

These ugly creatures have very tough skin,

making them quite resistand to ranged attacks.

Trolls are fairly unintelligent creatures and

lead a simple life in caves throughout the

world. They will eat just about anything,

including rocks, metal and plants, but seem to

have a particualr hankering for humans.

Cave Troll.png
Tiki Grub Type: Beast

Move: Stationary

Speed: Stationary

Health Points: 100

Damage: 15-17

These very territorial creatures will defend

their land to the very end. They will

undoubtably beat you at range - best practice

is to duck and weave until you're close enough

to hack away at them to interrupt their


Tiki Grub.png
Charger Type: Construct

Move: Flying

Speed: Medium

Health Points: 50

Damage: 16-18

Their rather unimaginative name comes from

their incessant habit of charging down their

enimies with a gorrifying spiked shield.

Avoiding their charge will leave them open to

attack from behind.

Tentabrain Type: Monstrosity

Move: Random

Speed: Slow

Health Points: 150

Damage: 15-20

Tentabrains begin life as a minute parasitic

creatures floating through the air looking for a

host to feed from. Eventually, they grow large

enough to engulf entire chunks of land and

remain stationary as they devour passing


Lava Swarm Type: Beast

Move: TBA

Speed: TBA

Health Points: 5

Damage: 14-16

A swarm of bee-like creatures which pack a

powerful punch. They will use themselves as

weapons in order to protect the swarm from

incoming threats.

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