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Caveblazers currently features 18 perks, each offering unique bonuses.

The Adventurer perk is unlocked by default, whereas the remaining 17 must be unlocked.

Icon Perk Name Perk Effects
Perk-adventurer.png Adventurer
Perk-archer.png Archer
  • Increase ranged damage by 1
  • Increase the speed of your arrows by 50%
  • Increase ranged attack speed by 10%
  • Reduce melee damage by 2
Perk-twofold.png Twofold
  • Fire an additional arrow with every shot
  • Reduce ranged attack speed by 20%
  • Start without a melee weapon
Perk-sorcerer.png Sorcerer
  • Increase magic damage by 10
  • Magic items charge 50% faster
  • Reduce melee damage by 2
Perk-sticky pete.png Sticky Pete
  • Start with 2 sticky bombs Bomb-sticky.png
  • All normal bombs picked up become sticky bombs
Perk-juggernaut.png Juggernaut
  • Increase maximum health by 50
  • Increase melee damage by 2
  • Reduce ranged damage by 2
  • Reduce ranged attack speed by 20%
Perk-elementalist.png Elementalist
  • Double all damage dealt by fire & poison.
  • Start with the Cleric's Orb Magic-clerics orb.png
  • Reduce maximum health by 30
  • Reduce health gained from food by 10
Perk-dashy joe.png
Dashy Joe
  • Start with a Ruby Wand Magic-ruby wand.png
  • Increase magic damage by 5
  • Reduce maximum health by 50
Perk-springy.png Springy
  • Increase your maximum jump height
  • Double jump!
Perk-slasher.png Slasher
  • Create magic projectile through melee attacks
  • Reduce melee damage by 1
Perk-investor.png Trader
  • Donate any items to shrines in order to reduce their price by 10%
  • Your first use of an altar will require 1 item instead of 2 (Note: not per altar)
  • Magic Items are no longer usable
    * including any items which use that equipment slot
  • Increase your melee damage by 3
  • Increase your ranged damage by 2
  • Increased melee and ranged knockback by 1
Perk-explosive.png Explosive
  • Reduce damage from explosions by 50%
  • Double your explosive damage
  • Start with 2 bombs Bomb.png and 1 sticky bomb Bomb-sticky.png
Perk-heavy hitter.png Heavy Hitter
  • All melee attacks will be heavy hits
Perk-vampire.png Vampire
  • Reduce your maximum health by 40
  • Gain 2 health from every kill, and 1 health from multiple hits on a boss
  • You health deteriorates by 1 every 4 seconds
  • Food no longer heals you
  • Deal increased damage based on your current health; 1% per health point
  • Start with nothing but the Soul Reaper Melee-soul reaper.png
  • Reduce your maximum health by 20
Perk-protection.png Protection
  • Increase damage resist by 2
  • Reduce ranged damage by 1
  • Start with 2 bombs Bomb.png