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Caveblazers currently features 21 perks, each offering unique bonuses.

The Adventurer perk is available by default, whereas the remaining 20 must be unlocked.

Icon Perk Name Perk Effects How to Unlock
Perk-adventurer.png Adventurer You start with this perk.
Perk-archer.png Archer
  • Increase ranged damage by 1
  • Increase the speed of your arrows by 50%
  • Increase ranged attack speed by 10%
  • Reduce melee damage by 2
Perk-twofold.png Twofold
  • Fire an additional arrow with every shot
  • Reduce ranged attack speed by 20%
  • Start without a melee weapon
Perk-sorcerer.png Sorcerer
  • Increase magic damage by 10
  • Magic items charge 50% faster
  • Reduce melee damage by 2
Perk-sticky pete.png Sticky Pete
  • Start with 2 sticky bombs Bomb-sticky.png
  • All normal bombs picked up become sticky bombs
Perk-juggernaut.png Juggernaut
  • Increase maximum health by 50
  • Increase melee damage by 2
  • Reduce ranged damage by 2
  • Reduce ranged attack speed by 20%
Perk-elementalist.png Elementalist
  • Double all damage dealt by fire & poison.
  • Start with the Cleric's Orb Magic-clerics orb.png
  • Reduce maximum health by 30
  • Reduce health gained from food by 10
Perk-dashy joe.png
Dashy Joe
  • Start with a Ruby Wand Magic-ruby wand.png
  • Increase magic damage by 5
  • Reduce maximum health by 50
Perk-springy.png Springy
  • Increase your maximum jump height
  • Double jump!
Perk-slasher.png Slasher
  • Create magic projectile through melee attacks
  • Reduce melee damage by 1
Perk-investor.png Trader
  • Donate any items to shrines in order to reduce their price by 10%
  • Your first use of an altar will require 1 item instead of 2 (Note: not per altar)
  • Magic Items are no longer usable
    * including any items which use that equipment slot
    * Occulent blessing will allow one magic item to be equipped
  • Increase your melee damage by 3
  • Increase your ranged damage by 2
  • Increased melee and ranged knockback by 1
Perk-explosive.png Explosive
  • Reduce damage from explosions by 50%
  • Double your explosive damage
  • Start with 2 bombs Bomb.png and 1 sticky bomb Bomb-sticky.png
Perk-heavy hitter.png Heavy Hitter
  • All melee attacks will be heavy hits
Perk-vampire.png Vampire
  • Reduce your maximum health by 40
  • Gain 2 health from every kill, and 1 health from multiple hits on a boss
  • You health deteriorates by 1 every 4 seconds
  • Food no longer heals you
  • Deal increased damage based on your current health; 1% per health point
  • Start with nothing but the Soul Reaper Melee-soul reaper.png
  • Reduce your maximum health by 20
Perk-protection.png Protection
  • Increase damage resist by 2
  • Reduce ranged damage by 1
  • Start with 2 bombs Bomb.png


Dual Wield
  • Equip one additional Magic Item
  • Reduce movement speed by 10%
  • Reduced ranged speed by 10%


  • Start with a Tomlock Tomlock.png as your ranged weapon
  • Gain a Vortex Bomb at the start of each new level
  • Reduce maximum health by 20
  • Reduce movement speed by 10%
  • Reduce melee speed by 20%


  • Heavy melee attacks and downward stabs will deal 2x damage instead of 1.5x
  • Increase melee damage by 3
  • Increase melee speed by 15%
  • Reduce ranged speed by 10%