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Relics are unlockable items in Caveblazers that all have a different method to unlock. There are 5 Relics in the game.

Name Description Unlocked By Image
Arrowhead Relic When active, the Arrowhead Relic increases your damage output by 1.2x and causes you to take 2x damage from all sources. Beating the secret room, in which you must fight off waves of enemies. The room is accessed by lighting up the 4 marked blocks on floor 1. Arrowhead Relic.png
Paragon Relic The Paragon Relic increases the power of all bosses. They will deal double damage, have 50% more health, and vary their attack patterns. As a result, bosses will yield greater rewards when defeated. Complete the puzzle room, accessed by feeding items to the special block on floor 3. Paragon Relic.png
Twilight Relic Corruption will slowly flood the caves while the Twilight Relic is active, destroying everything in its path and forcing you to think fast. Summoning an Archfiend by downstabbing a cobweb pit and completing a puzzle room on floor 5. Twilight Relic.png
Blackjack Relic The Blackjack Relic removes some of the random-ness in the cave, allowing you to choose your own items and blessings. Items and blessings will be very scarce in the caves but there will be a shop in each area. Finding a special block with red paint on it, bombing it, collecting a key, dropping it on a special door and completing a puzzle (some mobility blessing is required there) on floor 6. Blackhjack Relic.jpg
Oblivion Relic The Oblivion Relic adds a bunch of shadow-based items. Shadow swords and bows can be combined at Altars multiple times. Alongside this, Phantoms will pass over from the spirit world with a view to destroy all humans. Obtain Dragon Glass Shards by breaking into a walled-off room in the first floor of the Magma Core area.

Then, use a shard on one of the Lava Pools to reveal a secret door with a puzzle inside. [Tip: There's a lever in secret room to reset puzzle.]

Oblivion Relic.jpg